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A Web Design company based in Wales with strong values and principles to enhance the customer experience.


From start to finish, you’re in total control of your design. If you do need some help deciding on what to have, we’ve got you covered. We carefully study various markets and changes in these markets to accommodate what your website needs to help push your success.


We take pride in our work, regardless of what we’re doing. So you can rest assured that your project will feel clean, crisp and most importantly - exactly how you want it. You’ll receive regular updates so you can see how the build is going, which also means you can keep on top of any adjustments you might want to make.


As part of our work we offer tailormade maintenance services depending on your business needs. Don’t worry though, we’ll only offer what we feel you could benefit from. As always, you’re in total control of this and if you feel like you need more or less we can work with you to make this happen.

About Us

Like all good ideas, we had a vision of what we would like to achieve and that vision is to be able to deliver an excellent service and provide our customers with a service they are happy with – minus the lengthy timescales and delays. Founded in early 2021 with this mindset, it has led to referral after referral for website builds so we decided to take the leap of faith and make something of it. 

We pride ourselves in being dynamic in our approach to building business relationships and we identify that not everyone is able to build a website or perhaps maintain it. This is where DevCore can help. Whether you’ve got a plan to stick to, a rough idea of what you’re looking for, or absolutely clueless as to where to start; we make it seamless and take all of that unnecessary stress away so you can deal with what is really important to you. 

We’re proud to be a transparent company, and will update you regularly with regards to progress on your project meaning you’re in total control of the end product. 

If you would like to get in touch with us to ask any questions or to arrange a no obligation quote, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you via your preferred contact method. 

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  • Web Development

    Design | Develop | Maintain
    Our web design services are centered around you and your business needs.

  • IT Maintenance

    Report | Repair | Resume
    DevCore can provide live IT Maintenance services to a range of various clients, from single users to multi-location clients.

  • Email Configuration

    Compose | Configure | Connect
    We can provide your business with unique email addresses and configuration to help give that professional edge .

  • Domain Purchasing

    Acquire | Apply
    DevCore can alleviate the stress of trying to find the right domain for your business.

  • IT Consultancy

    Advise | Arrange | Inaugurate
    Thinking of implementing new software or hardware? Our team can offer start to finish consultancy services to help push your success.

Our Clients

We work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible experience by using project management and collaborative tools to ensure you’re kept in the loop at all times.

We thrive on our transparency on timeframe and most importantly cost to ensure you are not paying for something you may not benefit from. We don’t just stop at web design, we can assist with everyday IT issues too!

We take pride in our work and regularly receive amazing feedback from our clients.

Our Pledge to the Environment

Data centres play a big role in the Internet industry: they store, process and deliver all the websites’ information on their non-stop running servers. They are usually part of massive facilities which need a controlled and artificially-cooled environment to run properly. That requires a huge amount of energy, indeed, according to recent studies, global data centres are estimated to consume 1% of global electricity use, issuing high quantities of CO2.

When DevCore was founded we made a pledge to ensure that we do our very best to remain Carbon Neutral. With this in mind we believe in only using hosting providers that offer renewable energy and remain to work from home to avoid increasing our carbon footprint.

Our Pledge to the environment, Devocore web design is Green.

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