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NFI Capital Partners LLC were established shortly after the 2008 financial crisis. At this time they were heavily involved with the US real estate market. An opportunity arose on the back of the crisis which allowed them to begin their investment business and they quickly experienced expediential growth. They have been growing ever since with an ever-increasing portfolio across the globe. With a head office in Nevada, USA and offices due to open in Dubai 2022. NFI are a reputable company with a proven track record.

Q Care is an award winning domiciliary care company providing care within Wales, their head office is in Abergavenny but also have multiple branches over Wales and one Sensory Impairment branch in Gloucester.

They thrive on providing their staff with above industry standard wage along with benefits and regular recognition to the roles they play within the company and community.

We built Amrits website exactly to her specifications.

Amrit is a certified Jay Shetty coach specialising in Realisation and Fulfilment.

She supports driven individuals with Realisation and Fulfilment in their lives.
She empowers them to discover their life passions and the purpose they truly desire. Enabling them to live to their full potential and become unstoppable.

She loves to see people radiate and flourish, when they are achieving their goals.